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Featured Guest:  Robert Goss

Bob stayed with us at the Sea Crest last winter. Bob is an amazing photographer and he was in town taking photographs of a few of our local beaches. 

Photographer Bob Goss has worked in and around Yellowstone National Park for over 35 years, residing in Gardiner, Moontana, a literal 'stone's throw' from the northern boundary of Yellowstone.

As an amateur historian and author, he devoted more than 10 years to the research adn writing of numerous histories relating to the early pioneers and concession operations in Yellowstone.

As an ardent photographer, he has extensively photographed Yellowstone and avidly ranged the West searchign for dramatic and spectacular vistas to capture.

The quaint seaside community of Port Orford has long been Bob's favorite coastal settting for photography and the enjoyment of life's simple pleasures. 

Now retired and living in southern Utah, Bob relishes exploring and 'shooting' the ancient cultural riches and picturesque panoramas in the vast landscape of the desert southwest.

For more information regarding his photography or historical pursuits, contact Bob at:

Or you can visit his Yellowstone history website at:

For a sneak peek at some of Bob's coastal photography work visit:

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